The French Quarter Advocates-New Orleans, became a reality on April 4, 2014 when a group of concerned residents and business owners felt the French Quarter did not have an organization that accurately represented the views and opinions of the majority of the people who live and work in the French Quarter.

It was determined from very beginning, in order to truthfully represent a neighborhood you would have to get the opinions of the people you speak for. It will be the policy of the French Quarter Advocates to poll all members to determine the collective opinion of the organization.

  • Membership is open to anyone who supports the well-being of the French Quarter.
  • Monthly and Quarterly meetings will be open to anyone wishing to attend.
  • Consensus decision making with a Board that does not dictate but guides, encourages, and supports the committees and members.
  • Solution based committees who develop working relationships with City officials, residents, business, and tourism leaders.
  • Committees that address Public Safety: Zoning and Land use; Infrastructure: Legislation; Economic development and Cultural Outreach/Diversity.
  • Social Events to foster camaraderie amongst neighbors, business entities,and government officials.
  • Neighborhood projects for the betterment of all.