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July 22, 2016
Dear FQA members and Friends,

As most of you already realize, the French Quarter Advocates, is an organization that truly believes to best represent the French Quarter you have to include everyone!  The French Quarter is made up of residential, commercial, and tourism.  There are those, who believe, we are pro-business!  And they are correct!  In order for the French Quarter to be a living, working, and sustainable neighborhood we have to be “Pro-Business, Pro-Residential, and Pro-Tourism.  One cannot survive without the other!   The French Quarter Advocates’ ability to recognize this fact has given us much creditability with our City Council, the Mayor’s Office, and full/part time residents of the French Quarter.  No matter what your political views may be, without the ability to work with our city government, we will not be effective in preserving our neighborhood and creating a safer place for us to live, work and play.

The French Quarter Advocates has become the “go to” organization for developers, new businesses, and homeowners due to the influence we are garnering with those who can approve or disapprove ventures in the French Quarter.  We are perceived as the “voice of reason” and we do not judge until presented with the facts.  Once again it is time for us to form a consensus about a new project that has been in the works for the last two years, “Margaritaville Cafe” being developed by the TMJ Group, Inc.  Their presentation to the Board was impressive and informative and we feel it can be an asset to this mostly commercial area of the French Quarter.  Please carefully review the drawings, elevations, talking points, and pictures.   Unfortunately we do not  have much and we must make a decision by Sunday evening so be vigilant and take a few minutes to make an inform opinion and vote on our website.


Bryan Drude
President-French Quarter Advocates

P.S. I will sending out another newsletter very soon about upcoming events and projects.

336 Decatur d/b/a Margaritaville

Economic Impact

  • Total Costs of Construction $7,000,000
  • Total Construction Employment 100-125 temporary jobs
  • Total Permanent Jobs 120-125 Total permanent jobs
  • Total Annual Payroll $2,100,000 plus or minus
  • Total Projected Annual Sales $8,000,000
  • Total Annual Sales Tax $800,000
  • Total Rentals for Annual City Lease for Balcony Air Space $13,275 annually


July 20, 2016
Bryan Drude, President,
French Quarter Advocates
Re:336 Decatur Street d/b/a Margaritaville
Dear Bryan,

Thank you and French Quarter Advocates for your interest in 336 Decatur Street being developed for a Margaritaville Cafe by the TMJ Group, Inc.  We sincerely appreciate your bringing this project to your members. We are seeking “Conceptual Approval” on July 26th by the ARC Committee and VCC “Conceptual Approval” on August 3rd. It is our hopes to have the support of French Quarter Advocates at both of these meetings.

Attached is the before and after concept for you review. We are seeking to demolish the existing boarded up and abandoned gas station, the dilapidated parking area in front of it, and the billboard. We will be replacing it with an attractive four story building with galleries and a rooftop loggia complimenting a courtyard.  We believe this building compliments and completes the block bordered by Conti, N. Peters and Decatur, giving it a much needed finish to this important area. It will also bring life to the scene for not only Margaritaville, but also for the commercial establishments surrounding the area.  In doing so, it is bringing much needed jobs and tax dollars to the City.

We have worked extensively with the staff and ARC Committee to get to this place and hope that work pays off.  However, community support is imperative to insure we are able to get across the finish line. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,

Vote: Margaritaville Cafe Conceptual Approval